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PC Upgrades in the Cambridge area.


Computer and PC Upgrades

At IT Solutions we are finding that many customers are now preferring to repair and/or upgrade their computer systems rather than purchase a new one. Often this can be quite a cost effective option and extends the life of your machine significantly.

With technology developing so fast, it can often mean that PC's or some parts become obselete within months of purchase. If your machine is running a bit slower than you would like it to, why not contact us for a simple RAM upgrade. In many cases this can have a significant impact on the runnning speed of your PC and depending on the age of your Computer and the type of RAM, it can be quite cheap to upgrade.

We can upgrade any part of your desktop PC system. Below are some examples of parts we can change.

RAM / Memory upgrades
Motherboard and CPU upgrades
Hard drive upgrades or add an additional drive for backup
Operating System Upgrades
Computer case replacement
Graphics card upgrade to play the latest games

PC Upgrades

Your desktop PC in need of a PC Upgrade? Don't know if your old computer or laptop can handle the latest technology? We supply only the best branded hardware at affordable prices, contact us today and we can give you some more specific pricing options.



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